Extreme water slide rentals in Phoenix

Shedding Some Light on The Best Water Slide Rentals And Other Party Rentals In Phoenix Arizona

The state of Arizona is known for its warm summers. This makes for a great place to enjoy all of the fun that a great waterslide can provide for you and your family. Now that the summer is getting closer more and more people are wondering how to decide on the best products for their family. Let’s go ahead and look into how to decide based upon the specific factors that will affect you the most so that you get a product that you will love your first try.

Why Do So Many People Love Water Slide Rentals?

It is hard to say exactly why it is so much fun to run and jump down the slide that is covered in water during the summertime. Perhaps it is the fact that you are able to keep cool while also being active. No matter what the reason is it is fair to say that there is a huge demand for these types of products today. Once you look at the industry you might be surprised by the dizzying array of options that are presented before you. Let’s go ahead and arm yourself with some knowledge by breaking down the most common items that you are going to encounter and why people love them. Not every one of these will necessarily be the best fit for you but there is definitely something that you will love.

How To Decide On The Best Party Rentals?

There are a few things to keep in mind whenever you are contemplating your decision to get one of these water slide rentals. The very first thing that you should think of is what type of occasion are you going to be using this for. Will this be for yourself or for someone else? Is it going to be for a formal occasion or in your own backyard? Do you want to have a water-free option or would you rather have one with water? There is no sure way for us to answer those questions for you only you can do that. The best that we can do is show you all of the options that are available and the best benefits that they can offer you.

Dunk Tank Rentals
Of course, there is the classic dunk tank. This is the same kind of attraction that you would find in your local carnival. There are a few different variations but the general model will include a water tank filled with water with a plexiglass shield surrounding the tub above it. There will be a platform that a person will sit on situated where they can look out at people through the plexiglass window. Next to the tank, there will be a target of some kind. Individuals will get a chance to throw some kind of projectile, most commonly a baseball, at the target and if they hit it it will drop the person into the tank.

These dunk tank rentals can be a great option for if you are having an event that is going to include multiple people. Not beforehand you want to make sure that everyone who will be involved is going to be okay with getting wet. Everyone is on board this can be incredibly fun.

Party Rentals
Today there are a number of inflatable interactive party games that you can bring with you to your next event whether that is a birthday party or a wedding. One of the most popular is the gladiator arena-style inflatable arena. People will be able to put on inflatable weapons and armor and battle each other in a gigantic arena. The first person to get knocked down is the loser. The most popular way to play the game is the best two out of three.

Waterslide Rental
There is no greater classic in the inflatable industry than the waterslide. These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some of them are absolutely massive, while others are small enough to fit in your backyard. If you have space you’d be shocked at how fun it is to jump from over three stories up down a water slide in your backyard. The best way to decide on a waterslide is to go and see them in person if possible. These will always be a summer classic as they provide a great way to have physical fun while still obtaining some relief from the heat.

Bounce House Rental
Yet again another classic that you have probably seen it carnivals and birthday parties throughout your life. Today they have made absolutely gigantic versions of these bounce houses. If you enjoy acrobatics they can be a great way to practice flips without risking hurting yourself. They are also a favorite choice of mothers who are looking to help their children burn off a little energy.

Obstacle Course Rental
These are a relatively new addition to the inflatable rental industry. These are actually entire obstacle courses that you can put together with only inflatable’s. These can be quite fun if you have a group of older children or adults. They can be a little too difficult for children below a certain age, unfortunately.

Bounce And Slide Combo Rental
these are the best of both worlds. You will get a full-featured bounce house inflatable and a portion of it will be connected to a fully functional waterslide. A lot of these have even been designed so that you can use the bounce house as a launching pad to launch yourself onto the waterslide. The only thing that you really need to keep an eye out for is everyone’s safety. These are so much fun it is easy to get carried away and have someone launch into another person.