Why should I be taking PQQ supplements?

Lets talk oxidation damage?

– What is oxidation damage, and how does it effect everyone on a daily bases?
“But what is an antioxidant? The term is surprisingly difficult to define clearly and comprehensively, since the hierarchy of antioxidant capacity depends to a
substantial extent on the assay methodology used – change the method, and the antioxidant ability of any given compound is different,” or in other words; there are reaction necessities that occur in our body and reactions facilitate change. In this article we will talk about redox reactions and a supplement that could tip the scale towards longevity.

– Two types of redox reaction.
There are two types of redox reactions, oxidation and reduction.
Oxidation – Oxidation derives from when it noticed metal was heated and it got lighter, it was concluded it was because of oxygen. Loss of electrons.
Reduction – This reaction is the opposite. It means to gain electrons.

– Examples of Redox reactions in the world around us.
Everything from fire, to a battery in a laptop, the air condition bringing comfort to you, plants making food to grow and develop, life tends to orbit these reactions and they are very common in our everyday life. We just don’t always realize it.

– Redox reactions in the brain.
According to scientist, “Reduction oxidation (redox) reactions are central to life and when altered, they can promote disease progression. In the brain, redox homeostasis is recognized to be involved in all aspects of central nervous system (CNS) development, function, aging, and disease.” But have no fear there is a product available to help facilitate healthy function of redox reactions.

– An everyday problem.
Reactive Oxygen Species or (ROS), cause problems in the mitochondria as compared to a normal O2 molecule. In the brain this can prove to have an effect over time. A product that deals with this issue is PQQ. A component know to help normal oxidation and reduction actions occur while limiting inhibition.

– What is PQQ?
PQQ stands for (Pyrroloquinoline quinone). It is methoxatin, or a redox cofactor. It can be found naturally in fruits and vegetables that grow in the soil.

– Side effects of PQQ?
When taken in recommended increments, PQQ is extremely well tolerated and adverse side effects are not likely. Although rare, some side effects reported from PQQ includes headaches, drowsiness, and fatigue.

– Benefits of taking PQQ.
Some of the gains with this supplement are more energy, better sleep and enhanced memory. Which is perfect if you struggle with falling asleep and find yourself pouring cup after cup of coffee. With PQQ, you can get a good nights rest and have vigor with supplementing your memory in a safe enhancement formula.

– Other Benefits…
PQQ also has nerve growth factor. An element which stimulates the growth of neurons. Which is ironic because as we age they tend to die and are very difficult to reproduce. Thus, this product will have you moving faster than ever before. (NGF) or nerve growth factor is made in the (CNS) or central nervous system. Nerves grow approximately one inch per month.

– Conclusion.
PQQ is an excellent solution to memory loss, energy deficiency, and an eloquent sleeping patterns. Although long term studies of its effects are truly unknown, short term use can provide substantial beneficiary correlations. Purchase PQQ at Pure Nootropics.